Climbing Tower


We provide a variety of additional services including:

  • Inspections

  • Course Maintenance

  • Staff Training and Certification

  • Programming Reviews.

Climbing Tower Inspections

Industry standards requiers an annual inspection by a quailified Inspector (ACCT, ASTM). We provide challenge course inspections provided by Certified Inspectors (NAARSO and ACCT). This is a hands on inspection completed via climbing on and through your course/structure. Inspection is visual and tactile in nature. A record of deficiencies (if any) is provided before leaving the property and a formal written inspection report is typically provided within 14 days of inspection.

Course Maintenance Services

We provide maintenance services on challenge courses and climbing structures built by us and those built by our competitors. Minimum day rates, travel expenses and cost of materials shall be applied to all maintenance services.

Staff Training and Challenge Course Practitioner Certifications

We provide a variety of training and practitioner certification services for the ropes course industry.. Training is typically from 1 to 6 days in length. the length and type of training received will vary based on the type of structure you have installed, previous staff experience, number of people in the training and weather. ACCT Practitioner Certifications are typically from 1 to 1.5 days in length.

Program Reviews

Industry standards require a program review at minimum once every 5 years. This type of review includes: review of most recent inspection report, review of organizational policies and operation manuals for relevant courses/ structures, and observation of your staff operating or training on your challenge course or climbing structure. We provide a written report outlining all deficiencies and recomendations to comply with industry standards and current trends. Service is from 1 to 3 days in lenth depending on the type of organization and services offered.